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Creativity and mindfulness are at the heart of our teaching

Specialising in tutoring services offering both online and private tutoring

Creativity and mindfulness are at the heart of our teaching; from KS1 to adult learning, enjoy educational support that will help you excel without limits! 

We also offer eight learning support packs which can be used in lessons, at home, or during tutoring sessions. Choose from our planet packs, each uniquely designed to aid specific learning styles or difficulties. Find out which pack is right for you, your child or student with our quiz.

Our Bestsellers

Learning pack items

Build Your Own Learning Packs

Our home learning packs create a better learning experience for children that aren’t getting the most out of traditional teaching practices.

Pre-Made Learning Packs

Our popular ready-made packs are a one-stop solution for enhanced learning.

Mindfulness Course

A unique offering designed to take students through six lessons that are built around core values, crafted to empower, strengthen, and reposition the mental space.

Doodle Exercise Book

Blending images and text space to ignite both brain hemispheres. This improves the efficacy of learning by being engaging, memorable and developing critical thinking skills.

Our learning packs

Our learning packs have been designed to give teachers, parents and students the tools and confidence to improve learning. Build your own learning pack based on what you or your child or student needs. Want to find out which learning pack is right for you? Take our quiz!

Earth Learning Pack


The Earth Pack is for students who experience learning barriers with reading, writing or arithmetic. It can support those with Visual Stress, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or those with tendencies of the above.

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Mercury Learning Pack


The Mercury Pack supports students experiencing impulsiveness, hyperactivity, behaviour and concentration when learning. The pack can also help those with ADHD and ADD.

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Mars Learning Pack


The Mars Pack helps support those experiencing barriers with their fine motor skills. This pack can assist the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration and behaviour.

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Saturn Learning Pack


Our Saturn Pack can support learners that experience barriers with sensory processing. The pack supports the development of fine motor skills, communication, emotions, expressions and positive behaviour.

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Space Cadet Learning Pack


The Space Cadet pack will help any child better access their numeracy and literacy skills. The pack encourages greater concentration and manages behaviour. It is specifically useful for learning spellings and equations, improving handwriting and more.

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Tash is an amazing tutor!!! Highly recommend. My son is in year 7 and needed extra help with his maths. Tash makes learning fun and takes the time to get to know your child, including working with  your child’s own learning style. Very appreciative of the progress made so far via virtual lessons.

Gemma Stevens – Parent


Tash is an incredible person and truly inspiring tutor. She has completely changed my daughters outlook on English and Maths and has given her back a love of learning! Her teachers at school have noticed a huge difference and her grades have already improved. Most importantly she looks forward to every session and enjoys learning! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!! Thank you!

Charlotte Aasa-Morris – Parent


Tash is a friendly enthusiastic and inspiring tutor who helped my son pass his English GCSE. He was becoming jaded with the subject after numerous resits, but Tash managed to engage him in learning using more creative techniques, such as using art to inspire his vocabulary.
I'm so glad we found Tash, I 100% recommend her to anyone needing a tutor for their child.

Sophie Barnes – Parent


My Son who is currently in Year 11 has been having tutoring with Tash now since beginning of last year she is really kind, takes time to get to know you and has a really good understanding of you which helps her to get through to her students with things that interest them to help them to be more fully engaged and fun. My Son looks forward to sessions with Tash and I would recommend her to anyone looking for extra tuition.

Donna Lewitzkyi – Parent


Tash has recently started tutoring my son and daughter during lockdown. She is a really lovely person with  a warm approachable manner and is clearly passionate about what she does. My son (yr 3) especially has been disengaged from learning since home-schooling began due to the pandemic and I have really struggled to keep him learning. With Tash in he got more done in the first hour than I haven't managed with him for weeks! I am so incredibly grateful to her.

Bev Bevan – Parent


I have had few lessons of English with Natasha. She is a Lovely Teacher with lots of ideas how to make the lessons interesting. She is very kind, positive and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants to improve English. Agnes

Agnes Jankowska – ESL adult learner


My girls have been having lessons with Tash for a few weeks now and enjoyed every week! In my girls’ words:  “it’s really fun learning by playing games and Tash bases her lessons around what we like and want to do. She’s very easy going and helps us understand in a different way if we have difficulty with anything.  She’s the best tutor you could get!” 😁. Tash’s lessons have enthralled me as I overhear history used during an English lessons.

Julie Fennell – Parent and Students



Tash has helping my daughter no end so much patience and will work with teachers to help fill the gaps.

Gail Tarver – Parent


Tash is a very approachable, easy going person who has a brilliant way in teaching (increasing confidence and belief) In only a few months our son achieved the grade he was hoping for, after a difficult year at school. Thank you 😊

Kate Morris – Parent


Tash has a knack to understand exactly what is needed. My son was paired up to Pernilla who, despite whatever odds my son throws her way, absorbs him into engaging in learning without him realising. He eagerly awaits his sessions! much gratitude especially in lockdown when it is needed most 🙏

Fi Mann – Parent


Natasha is a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Her experience, knowledge and methods set her apart from other supportive educational services. She allows each student to be themselves and creates a safe environment to enable them to engage productively in the activities she designs. As a mother, I would highly recommend Natasha’s services. As a professional, Natasha is a pleasure to work with.

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Our Mission To You

We’ve cultivated a unique education model so every student has the correct tools to achieve their creative, academic potential, whilst still enjoying the process of learning. 

Our style of creativity and game-fuelled learning has helped a range of students of all age ranges and across multiple subjects.

We strive to ensure no child is left behind with dedicated SEND tutoring (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and tuition for those with a general dislike for traditional learning.

What we do

Have you ever been sat in a learning environment and felt overwhelmed by the information presented to you? Do you or your child feel like even after hours of trying you haven’t made the progress that you would have liked?

Now, have you ever thought that you may have possibly not found how you learn best? This is why at Limitless Learning UK, we are here to ensure that nobody is left behind and cater for multi-layered learning approaches. From the start, it is our job to assess how you learn using trusted educational gurus and intellects, like Gardener and his Multiple Intelligences, so that you or your child have the skills to attack your new learning opportunities.

Support for all learners at Limitless Learning
Children learning

Alongside this, we understand that learning has to be fun, engaging and relatable so we therefore use many creative approaches, such as games, music, visuals, puzzles and much more! Educational games have become ingrained into our practices due to the enormous benefits that they proved to have amongst research; with researchers finding this technique can speed the building of synapses in the brain rapidly.

Furthermore, again using our more holistic approach, we understand the importance of the student’s mindset on their overall achievements. For us, building a positive relationship with our students and showing them how wonderful they are within academics is paramount to their overall self-esteem and progress. Additionally, we like to ensure their wellbeing is secure, by including Mindfulness and CBT strategies, to remove any further mental barriers to learning so that they soar when acquiring new knowledge.

Find your planet quiz

Take our personalised quiz to find out which learning pack is right for you.

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If you’re looking for tutoring or learning support for you, your child or a student in your class, book a free 30-minute consultation with us to find out how we can help. 

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