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LNowadays, the speed of fast-paced broadband being able to connect us with an array of different amenities – such as our favourite clothing brands, a compelling TV series and even friends or family located miles away from our home – at just a click of a button seems only second nature. Roll on to the year 2020; when the disastrous pandemic halted the world leaving us isolated by making the whole of society focussed on our online network to survive. In particular, for the education sector, it had very rarely differed from the traditional, in-person style method installed in society by the Victorians. Although some educators may detail the minefield that online learning became, we used the opportunity to adapt to a ‘new normal’ by revolutionising our practice and using our platforms to support and offer creative learning for as many people around the world as we could.

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Overcoming the Challenge

How did we respond to the transition and formulating of an online education model? After the dust began to settle, we researched our online platform options to ensure that we provided an extensive level of safety and accessibility. Alongside this, we carried out the relevant training to make sure that you would be able to feel secure and supported by an online tutoring provision. Once we had the legalities set up to ensure you were safe, the real Limitless Learning fun could begin where we started by converting your lessons into virtual methods which we have combined with fresh, entertaining educational platforms. To our surprise, we didn’t realise how many wonderful gamification styles of learning that we could provide for you in a remote way.

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We are completely aware from the communication from our Limitless Learning community that remote learning within schools has faced some challenges which haven’t necessarily helped in refreshing the traditional system that we had been longing for. It is a challenge to transfer and transform such a traditional schooling model of education overnight of which we are able to sympathise with the teaching heroes that made such an impact through the lockdown period.

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Limitless Learning UK has now taught areas all across the country and overseas which would have been unimaginable at the start of the 21st century or even a year or so before.

Across this time, we have built a bank of online materials that can assist with recapping and revising areas of their studies covered at school or in tutoring sessions. This can be accessed at any time and from anywhere when you are a student with us!

We have also prepared, planned and taught those who may have barriers to online learning by making sure that the learning material remains as engaging as possible and allows us to monitor you or your child’s pace of learning; regularly staggered brain breaks as well as any physical tools that we can provide to aid learning.

Check out our learning packs to see what may help make online learning more accessible for you or your child with specific needs or Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provisions. We are here for you every step of the way at any time or anywhere!

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