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You are one of a kind! For example, if we break it down into the simple essence of our DNA, we are all wonderfully unique and add value to the world! At Limitless Learning UK, we, therefore, understand that if our brains are wired differently, we learn in diverse ways and have our own identity that it would be impossible to be all taught collectively in the same structured format. This can often prove to be impossible within a class of 30 children, despite the incredible teacher’s prevail.

We understand for your education to be successful we need to fit the education to you or your child – like a great fitting pair of comfortable shoes! Furthermore, personalised learning has several strengths such as improved achievement from wherever their starting point; becoming more active within learning which leads to life-long skills; increased engagement and motivation. Through science and knowledge, we have come up with many strategies to support the building of your perfect ‘learning shoes’ so you can make strides through your education, leaving imprints of success with the personalised knowledge that you should. Check out our ‘Play to your strengths’ section to find out our golden recipe for personalised learning success at Limitless Learning UK.

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Play to your Strengths

Out of approximately 70,000 thoughts a day, how many of them do you think have a focus on your unique wonderfulness? It is estimated that around 80% of your daily thoughts can be negative due to the ‘negative bias’ that your brain automatically adopts as an ancestral response to help protect you from previous mistakes and danger. So our brains naturally want to alert us to the areas we cannot do or what we feel we aren’t ‘successful’ at rather than focussing on our epic superpowers! Therefore, whatever your brain expresses to you is what you end up believing which leads us to witness many students who arrive unconfidently and defeated. They feel like no matter what they do they cannot achieve their desired academic goal. But what if the standardised, sausage-factory processed and batched approach just is not personalised enough for you? What if you were taught how you learn, could you succeed then? As Jim Kwik says in his book, ‘Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life’, “ It seemed to me all my years of self-doubt and suffering could have been avoided if this critical method of meta-learning (learning to learn) had been taught in school.

Enter Limitless Learning UK! From the start, we address the question of how you learn through carefully constructed, learning style quizzes which help us to assess how we can tailor our teaching to your strengths. We use our experience and knowledge from the Multiple Intelligence theory, neuroscience, educational pedagogy and psychology to attempt to gain the best picture of you! Additionally, we add shading and detail to your portrait by gaining the viewpoint of those who know and understand you personally like gaining your self-reflection or an opinion from your guardian and teachers. Once we have built the beautiful Mona Lisa portrait of you, we then create a model of tuition and place you with the perfect tutor to complement your style and personality.

Once you have all the tools for how to access your full strength from the start of your new Limitless Learning UK tutoring journey, the magic for learning awaits! With the power of learning how you learn best, you are acquiring everlasting skills, that isn’t only limited to schooling. Not only are you more engaged and motivated but you have now entered a world of loving learning!

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