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This is more than a business, it feels that you are part of a team where you work together, discussing pupil progress on a weekly basis; always considering the best way forward for everyone. This is a great opportunity for another teacher to join our team. It is a delight to work with Natasha, at Limitless Learning. She is thoughtful, organised, reflective and very creative which ensures that she supports your teaching and the pupils’ learning effectively. She is full of ideas, which are available to you too, and her knowledge of special needs enables you to meet each child’s individual learning potential.

Pernilla Pascolutti

Limitless Learning UK tutor

“Working with Limitless Learning gave me the opportunity to reach out to children who didn’t feel fully embraced by the education system and give them the chance to feel valued as learners with the potential to succeed in their own terms. Limitless Learning offered a nurturing safe space where excellence in achievement across all subjects was made a real possibility regardless of existing academic strength. The staff and children all felt like being part of an extended family where learning was made fun and accessible; learning was always exciting and never a chore”.


Limitless Learning tutor

“Working alongside Tash has been an incredible experience so far! You can see how passionate she is about children’s education and helping them to overcome their obstacles. Growing up, I wish there were more tutors like Tash and the rest of the Limitless Learning team as I have always struggled learning academically. It has opened up a lot about myself as an adult. I can’t recommend Limitless Learning enough!


Lucy Captures

We cannot recommend Tash and Pernilla enough! They totally pulled out the stops for us recently, at what was a busy and stressful time they squeezed in tutoring for us and went above and beyond to meet our needs. They approached the tutoring in a flexible way, with fun and creativity to have a super positive impact. Thank you so much!

Sarah Lloyd


Tash is not only extremely knowledgeable, she is friendly and caring. Her creative teaching makes learning fun and accessible for all and more importantly a unique way for everyone to learn. Without doubt, I would recommend Limitless Learning to everyone ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sam Mortimer

Business Collaboration

Tash has done an amazing job tutoring my very anxious daughter with both maths and English. Her empathy shines through when studies get tough and her “you can do it” attitude really rubs off.

My daughter achieved a higher grade in her recent GCSE English Literacy exam than her school teachers expected 😁

Onwards to GCSE year ahead! Thank you Tash. You are amazing!

Annette Ford


Tash is an incredible person and truly inspiring tutor. She has completely changed my daughters outlook on English and Maths and has given her back a love of learning! Her teachers at school have noticed a huge difference and her grades have already improved. Most importantly she looks forward to every session and enjoys learning! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!! Thank you!

Charlotte Aasa-Morris


I have had few lessons of English with Natasha. She is a Lovely Teacher with lots of ideas how to make the lessons interesting. She is very kind, positive and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants to improve English. Agnes

Agnes Jankowska

ESL adult learner

Tash is a friendly enthusiastic and inspiring tutor who helped my son pass his English GCSE. He was becoming jaded with the subject after numerous resits, but Tash managed to engage him in learning using more creative techniques, such as using art to inspire his vocabulary.
I’m so glad we found Tash, I 100% recommend her to anyone needing a tutor for their child.

Sophie Barnes


Natasha’s genuine compassion and drive to support young people doesn’t falter. She takes the time to build good working relationships and learns about the individual and therefore quickly ascertains what will help them to learn best and implements this. I’ve been impressed by her calm, kind natured and positive approach and her ability to foster confidence by building skills gradually with supportive creative strategies. I would highly recommend.

Ruth Robinson

Secondary School Teacher/SENCO

Natasha is a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Her experience, knowledge and methods set her apart from other supportive educational services. She allows each student to be themselves and creates a safe environment to enable them to engage productively in the activities she designs. As a mother, I would highly recommend Natasha’s services. As a professional, Natasha is a pleasure to work with.


Marlock Photography

Tash has a knack to understand exactly what is needed. My son was paired up to Pernilla who, despite whatever odds my son throws her way, absorbs him into engaging in learning without him realising. He eagerly awaits his sessions! much gratitude especially in lockdown when it is needed most 🙏

Fi Mann


Tash is a very approachable, easy going person who has a brilliant way in teaching (increasing confidence and belief) In only a few months our son achieved the grade he was hoping for, after a difficult year at school. Thank you 😊

Kate Morris


Tash has helped my daughter no end so much patience and will work with teachers to help fill the gaps.

Gail Tarver


I first met Tash about two months before I was due to sit my A Levels. My main issue was sociology. I was struggling to much and had so much anxiety around this subject that I was so overwhelmed that my revision didn’t help me but in fact put me in a worse state. I’d decided that I was going to fail this subject and try and get into university through clearing.

I’m writing this review from my university halls of residence now studying nursing at a Russell group university.

I’m dyslexic and also have dyspraxia. I really feel Tash took this into account and made my revision sessions with her engaging, visual and more than anything fun. I was getting U’s in all mocks. I got a B. In two months she completely rescued me. Thank you Tash. Thank you so much! Tash is a fab teacher but more than that she was a friend to me as well. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for getting me into university.

Katarina Hopkins


My girls have been having lessons with Tash for a few weeks now and enjoyed every week! In my girls’ words:  “it’s really fun learning by playing games and Tash bases her lessons around what we like and want to do. She’s very easy going and helps us understand in a different way if we have difficulty with anything.  She’s the best tutor you could get!” 😁. Tash’s lessons have enthralled me as I overhear history used during an English lessons.

Julie Fennell

Parent and Students

Tash! In the words of my daughter who you teach …

“Tash is friendly, she makes an effort to get to know me and make me feel comfortable. She makes the lessons interactive and enjoyable – the lesson flies by! You are really helping me develop my skills in English – and you are always ready to adapt a lesson to get into challenging school homework! You are thoughtful and considerate, we look forward to seeing you!”

Tash, thanks for your support. You are really making a difference. Jo

Jo Lammas

Parent and Student

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