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pluto LEARNING PACK – coming soon

The ‘Pluto pack’ has been designed for those who may experience difficulties with visual impairment. This pack will increase confidence in the student’s own ability and give access to limitless learning. The ‘Pluto pack’ will be beneficial for students to help assist with accessing sensory writing and calming equipment as well as Braille literacy and numerous support and visual enhancing equipment.


Choose 3 items of ‘Fuelling up’, 2 items of ‘Rocket launchers’ and 1 item of ‘Mission completers’.

Commander pack – £65

Choose 5 items of ‘Fuelling up’, 4 items of ‘Rocket launchers’ and 3 items of ‘Mission completers’.

Mission Specialist pack – £75

Choose 6 items of ‘Fuelling up’, 5 items of ‘Rocket launchers’, 4 items of ‘Mission completers’.

You may swap all of the ‘Misson Completers’ items for one ‘Supernova’ item.

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Reading A4 sheet glass
Scented pen
Scented fruit stress ball
Braille alphabet bookmark
Stress ball
Noisy tube
Textured ball
Mini massager
Wobbly snake
Name in Braille
Scentos® colouring pencils
Scentos® dough (2 tubs)
Scentos® colouring pens
Scented erasers
Braille number flashcards
Braille alphabet letters
Raised lined paper
Braille pocket diary
Jumbo magnifying glass
SENSEsation® raised line art and Braille
Scented markers
Space sand
Therapeutic putty
Scentos® scented doodle paper
Scentos® dough (4 tubs)
Maths counting cubes
Braille days of the week

If you have chosen a ‘Mission Specialist’ learning pack you may swap all of the ‘Misson Completers’ items for one ‘Supernova’ item.

Hot dots® pen
Hot dots® activity pack
Weighted item
Talking tin (40 secs)
Non-slip activity pad Braille desk diary
Braille cylinder puzzle


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