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The ‘Space Cadet’ pack will help any child to have better access to their numeracy and literacy skills. The pack encourages greater concentration, manages behaviour, supports learning in relation to spellings, equations, handwriting and much more. All items match Limitless Learning’s philosophy to make learning meaningful and bring it to life.

PILOT PACK – £35.99

Choose 3 items of ‘Fuelling up’, 2 items of ‘Rocket launchers’ and 1 item of ‘Mission completers’.

Commander pack – £47.99

Choose 5 items of ‘Fuelling up’, 4 items of ‘Rocket launchers’ and 3 items of ‘Mission completers’.

Mission Specialist pack – £53.99

Choose 6 items of ‘Fuelling up’, 5 items of ‘Rocket launchers’, 4 items of ‘Mission completers’.

You may swap all of the ‘Misson Completers’ items for one ‘Supernova’ item.

Video Transcript
[00:00:00] Hello there, my fellow Space Cadets. Thank you so much for checking out the Space Cadet pack. We have made sure that this pack is a combination of our favourite items from all of our packs to make sure it’s all-encompassing. So it covers literacy and numeracy; it covers sensory overload issues; it covers behavioural support; it covers fine motor skill issues. It’s been a personal and professional voyage of mine to make sure and stress the necessity to make sure that parents, teachers and students know of the products that are out there; that will hopefully help close the gap for your child, as a student, and their peers.
As a teacher and tutor, I’ve heard so many times children labelled as either poor spellers, poor writers, poor learners, poor behaviour, or even with a Special Educational Need. But sometimes, actually, it’s just [00:01:00] that the education system might not be suited to how we learn and our desired way. There is always a solution to a difficulty. Personally, having struggled with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia throughout my own education and knowing what it’s like to feel like an outsider in the learning world, I would have loved the opportunity to find learning more accessible.
So enter the ultra-personalised, still even though it was combined, and support focussed Space Cadet pack. Each item has been thoroughly tested on our students to gain an accurate understanding and analysis and provide you with honest opinions on each of the items. Better still, the children took time out of their summer holidays to film their reactions and to show you how to use each item effectively, which we know is difficult when you buy educational items [00:02:00] online.
Once you buy the pack, you gain full access to all of the videos so that you can have an understanding of how each item works. As part of this particular pack, you have a wide range of variety of items that you can choose from such as behaviour support tools. You’ve got concentration tools, you’ve got visual aids, you’ve pencil grips, you’ve got memory tools, you’ve got calming strategies are much, much more. You also have the opportunity to consult a trained teacher and SENDCo, if needed to make sure that the product suits your child needs. So here is the Space Cadet pack in all its wonderment and variety!
Check out our other packs, our other videos, our other items. Check out the student reviews online as well. I hope to catch up with you and speak to you soon. Thank you.Check out our other packs, our other videos, our other items. Check out the student reviews online as well. I hope to catch up with you and speak to you soon. Thank you.

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Calculation grid
Blank fan
Teaching the time card
Pencil with grip
Handwriting book
Fidget spinner
Spelling practice book
Stress ball
Traffic light fan
Sand timer
Fidget pencil topper
Pencil sharpener
200 high frequency word fan
Weekly planner
Reward chart
Reward stickers
Times table fan
Maths counting cubes
Therapeutic putty
Student clock
Revision planner and timetable
Worry monster
Spiral timer
Colouring pencils
Colouring pens

If you have chosen a ‘Mission Specialist’ learning pack you may swap all of the ‘Misson Completers’ items for one ‘Supernova’ item.

Brainbox® game (different boxes available)
Hot dots® pen
Hot dots® activity pack
Concentration cards
Talking tin (40 secs)
Electronic dictionary


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